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 About this Remembering War website

Facing a problem

This website explores one of the greatest issues facing the world: the problem of war and the enormous spending of talent and money on preparations to fight wars. Part of the problem is the promotion of arms spending, interfering in foreign countries and the deliberate starting of wars. This misdirection of energy represents a huge loss and cost to mankind.

Reasons for hope

Hostilities have died out between nation states in large areas of the world and countries have benefited from increased wealth and well-being. Since the Second World War attitudes of friendship, trust, tolerance, peaceful trade and international cooperation have improved the lives of millions.

The United Nations and International Law have the ideas that could transform the world if the most powerful and cynical world leaders would behave lawfully.

Learning from the past

The lessons of history are seldom learned by those who most need to understand international relations (over-weaponised, war-inclined world leaders). Therefore it is important that the citizens of the world inform themselves and call for international relations founded on goodwill, understanding, and mutually assured help and cooperation. A necessary part of this would include the scaling down of arms industries and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

The aim of the Remembering War website

Aim of the Remembering War website is to examine recent and current experiences of war, to understand the consequences, to remember and respect those who have fought for their countries, and to consider ways that a truly civilised world may be developed. We are looking for insights and ideas and ways to change public policy.

David Roberts

20 November 2018

About David Roberts, editor of this website, The War Poetry website, anthologies of war poetry and Remembrance Poems and Readings

David Berlin Oct 2013.jpg

David Roberts is a writer
and publisher (Saxon Books).

He has edited three anthologies of poetry of the First World War:


Minds at War, The Poetry and Experience
of the First World War
  (1996)  400pp £15-99

out Fr covr 25 10 13.jpg

Out in the Dark, Poetry of the First World War, in Context and with Basic Notes (1998). 190pp £10-99

Both were published by Saxon Books. They have been continuously in print for over twenty years and have been reprinted many times.

We Are The Dead, Poems and Paintings of the Great War, 1914-1918. Published (2012) by The Red Horse Press. Poetry by British Irish, Australian, Canadian, French and German poets. Illustrated in colour with war paintings of the period.
Large format 220pp £25-00

Kosovo War Poetry. David's own war poems with a detailed introduction about the conflict and the NATO bombing. Contains the popular poems, Making or Breaking, There will be Peace (in its original form, and The Pilot's Testament. Published by Saxon Books in 2000. £4-99.

International Relations

For many years David Roberts has been interested in international relations and in particular is concerned with matters of war and peace, and the reform of the United Nations. For two years he was a member of the Executive Committee of Action for UN Renewal.

Lessons from Iraq, the UN must be Reformed (2004) This pamphlet, was written for them. £1-50. The pamphlet is a critique of the war, the American plans to exploit Iraq, and the failures of the United Nations, with suggestions for reform.

The European Union and You (2007) a guide to the European Union, its origins, development, problems and potential. Published by Saxon Books Hardback. 625pp. £39. Out of print.

Falklands War Poetry (2012). Poems by British soldiers, Argentine soldiers and Falkland Islands writers, Saxon Books.
Hard back. £14-99

Cover Rembrnce final 3 2015 jpeg.jpg

Remembrance Poems and Readings - for Remembrance Events and Reflection on Matters of War and Peace. Published by Saxon Books in 2015. 120 pp. £11-95.

Lyric writer

David wrote libretti for the cantata, New Creation and the Rock Symphony, Chrysalis, with music by David Fellingham. These were performed in 1972 and 1973 with orchestra, jazz band and choir at The Dome concert hall, Brighton.

Making or Breaking. This poem from Kosovo War Poetry was set to music by Norwegian composer, Kim André Arnesen. It had its premier with the Kantorei Choir in Denver, Colorado in 2017 and was published on a Naxos CD 2018. It can be viewed and heard on YouTube. The same poem is being incorporated in a sculpture by Jacky Oliver for the National Memorial Arboretum (2018). The text can be found on The War Poetry Website.

David's lyric, Infinity, from New Creation, was set to new music by Kim André Arnesen and became the title track on the Naxos CD. It can also be viewed and heard on YouTube.

French war poetry of the First World War
Saxon Books published French Poems of The Great War, 185 pp. translated by Ian Higgins 2016. £11-95, and Cockerels and Vultures, the First World War poems of Albert-Paul Granier translated by Ian Higgins.2013. £9-95.

David Roberts was born in Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK, in 1942 and lives with his wife in Sussex.

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