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The Case Against the British Trident Nuclear Weapons System


The British government is wasting huge sums of money on weapons which never could defend us, rather the opposite, they put us at great risk.

No imaginable threat can justify preparing to annihilate cities and vast populations in a matter of minutes and cause long-term environmental devastation to the world that would be far worse and far more rapid than unmanaged climate change.

Each trident submarine carries destructive power over 200 times greater than the bombs that destroyed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Over 190 countries do not have nuclear weapons. What and whom are we afraid of?

Our nuclear weapons did not deter Argentina from trying to seize the British Falkland Islands in 1982. They cannot deter suicidal terrorists. No potential invader (who could that possibly be?) wants to use nuclear weapons against us because what use would a Britain that had become a radio-active wilderness be to them?

Defence is best achieved through international co-operation and trade. That’s how we have overcome the threats from our former enemies: Spain, Holland, France, Germany and others. They do not co-operate with us because of fear of annihilation.


Nuclear weapons, like castles, are relics of of outmoded thinking on defence and have no place in the modern world. Now, the last thing we need is the threatened destruction of humanity. Today we need to co-operate to deal with environmental and humanitarian crises that call for our attention.  

What can we do?

For more information and how you may seek to wake up politicians and other people to the scandalous misuse of our tax money the website of The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

David Roberts  26 February 2016​​

Would you like the evidence of the danger of nuclear weapons?

To read what a senior America nuclear war planner has to reveal read

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