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Coping with the powerful

Baghdad bombed 2003
Baghdad under US and UK bombardment 2003

Human life is very short so I fail to see why so many millions have to live in misery, desperate poverty, and fear because a few thousand men, motivated by greed and lust for power want to manipulate the world, regardless of the suffering of others and entirely for their own ends.

This understates the problem. These men seem to delight in provoking conflict and stress because they can benefit from the weakness confusion and aggression of others to enhance their personal power and profit.

We need to learn how to limit the power of the richest and most powerful. Citizens of the world need to discover how to choose, limit the powers of, and, sometimes, remove from power, leaders who are killing/abusing/putting at risk/threatening their people or the people of other countries.

International law exist to prohibit wars of aggression and make leaders who transgress this law personally liable as war criminals, but it is only minor war criminals who are brought to trial.The illegal bombings of Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq go unchallenged. Our media are asleep.

The powerful collude to protect the powerful.

What should we do?

David Roberts, 16 December 2001 and 7th of January 2019.

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