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Holocaust Memorial Day 2019

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin. Photo by David Roberts
Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, October 2013

Germany does remember and feel shame for what they did to the Jews in the Second World War. This is a picture of the huge Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. It's in the centre of the city not far from The Brandenburg Gate and The Bundestag, the German parliament.

Magdalenenstrasse Tube Station, Berlin
Magdalenenstrasse Tube Station, Berlin

The Magdalenenstrasse tube station in East Berlin, the stop you get off at to visit the Stasi Headquarters, must be one of the grimmest tube stations in the world. Along the walls are giant images commemorating German concentration camps of the First World War.

Buchenwald memorial mosaic
Buchenwald memorial mosaic, Magdalenenstrasse tube station, Berlin.

The series of mosaics were designed by Wolfgang Frankenstein.

I have a Jewish friend whose great uncle fought for Germany in the First World War. He was wounded and lost a leg. In spite of his loyalty to Germany and his sacrifice he was killed in Auschwitz in the Second World War.

There are poems by German Jews who fought in the First World War on The War Poetry website.

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